The Reckless Drifters Arrive on Valentine’s Day!

Genre-bending debut available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers on February 14!

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Have no fear – The Reckless Drifters are here! And their debut release, “Baby, We’re Really in Love” backed with “Radio, Radio,” arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. Both tracks will be available on February 14th through iTunes and Amazon as well as most other digital retailers.

Though most folks may already be familiar with Hank Williams’ original version of “Baby, We’re Really in Love” and Elvis Costello’s original version of “Radio, Radio,” it’s safe to assume that no one’s ever heard them quite like this before. And that’s because The Reckless Drifters is a country/punk covers project with a twist. It’s all about mixing up musical styles – taking well-known songs from one genre and reinterpreting them in an entirely different genre. Classic country songs get punked up while punk classics get the country treatment. So, in this case, “Baby, We’re Really in Love” gets revved up and kicked into high gear, while “Radio, Radio” settles down and gets countrified. And both songs take on a surprisingly fresh life when presented in a whole new context!

The tracks are delivered by an experienced mix of musical talents from a variety of acts operating under the alias of The Reckless Drifters. These first two genre-bending tracks feature singer John Easdale and guitarist Mark Englert (both from Dramarama), singer Christa Collins (The Woolly Bandits/The X Factor), drummer Derek O’Brien (Social Distortion/Agent Orange/The Adolescents) and bassist Sylvain de Muizon (Miss Derringer/J.R. Black).

On “Baby, We’re Really in Love,” Easdale’s and Collins’ dueling vocals make for a desperate and delirious love duet, while Englert’s propulsive guitar-playing fuels the turbo-charged track to a frenetic finish. On “Radio, Radio,” Easdale gets gritty on lead vocals while Collins’ sweet backing vocals offer a perfectly pleasing counterpoint, and Englert’s guitar, banjo, mandolin, lap steel and pedal steel provide the perfect musical accompaniment. Meanwhile, O’Brien and de Muizon combine to provide the driving rhythm for “Baby, We’re Really in Love” while delivering a suitable shuffle to “Radio, Radio.”

The project was conceived of and produced by W.C. “Bill” Moriarity and Sylvain de Muizon. After serving as a contributing editor for Creem Magazine Online as well as other publications and also working as a deejay, Moriarity managed pioneering artists like Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome as well as L.A. band Miss Derringer, whose last EP he co-produced, while de Muizon served as the bassist for Miss Derringer, fronted his own Johnny Cash cover band, J.R. Black, and co-produced Miss Derringer’s most recent EP. They both share a life-long passion for punk as well as classic country.

Moriarity says, “I know it might sound crazy and no one would ever mistake me for any kind of hip-hop fan, but the first time I actually sat and listened to Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems,’ it immediately occurred to me that, with a few changes, it could actually make a great country song. I could easily hear Hank Williams singing, ‘I got 99 problems but a woman ain’t one.’ But it got me thinking about all these great punk and country songs that would totally make sense in another genre, and that’s kind of what got this whole crazy idea going. And from working with Sylvain [de Muizon] through Miss Derringer, I knew that he’d get it and understand how these songs could be arranged in a totally different way.

“So, we called on a bunch of great musicians we knew who were all really eager to jump on board and come together to take these songs in a whole new direction. They did an amazing job with them and they really sound great. ‘Baby, We’re Really in Love’ really kicks ass now – if you’d never heard it before, you’d never have any idea that it used to be this nice, sweet, simple, little country song from the ’40s. And with Elvis Costello’s bitter lyrics about radio and the whole music business, hearing ‘Radio, Radio’ with a country flair now really gives it a whole new resonance considering the totally depressing state of the modern country music scene these days.”

Look for the digital-only release of these first two genre-bending tracks by The Reckless Drifters on February 14th on Wild Bill Records, whose last release was Miss Derringer’s The Shadow EP. A music video for “Baby, We’re Really in Love,” which offers a glimpse into the making of the song, will also debut on Valentine’s Day. And stay tuned – there might be even more to come just down the road apiece…

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Artist: The Reckless Drifters
Tracks: “Baby, We’re Really In Love” & “Radio, Radio”
Label: Wild Bill Records
Release Date: February 14, 2018 (Valentine’s Day)
Vocals: John Easdale (Dramarama) & Christa Collins (The Woolly Bandits/The X Factor)
Electric Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/Lap Steel/Pedal Steel: Mark Englert (Dramarama)
Bass & Rhythm Guitar: Sylvain de Muizon (Miss Derringer/J.R. Black)
Drums & Tambourine: Derek O’Brien (Social Distortion/Agent Orange/The Adolescents)
Produced by: W.C. “Bill” Moriarity & Sylvain de Muizon

For requests, questions or more information, please contact:
W.C. “Bill” Moriarity
Office: 323-874-7589
Mobile: 323-640-4249


New 6-song THE SHADOW EP available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers on February 14!

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L.A.’s Miss Derringer returns to the scene of the crime next month when the band unleashes its long-awaited The Shadow EP. Aiming straight for the black little hearts of its devoted fans, the digital-only 6-song EP will be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14th – the 88th anniversary of the infamous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre – and will be available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon and most other digital retailers.

The band, fronted by singer and acclaimed visual artist Liz McGrath, recently returned to the studio with many long-time friends, fans and former collaborators lending a hand to help conjure up an intriguing blend of fresh, new tracks. Drummer Clem Burke and guitarist Frank Infante, both Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members who contributed to a string of Blondie hits, punk legend Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, former Social Distortion drummer Derek O’Brien, as well as guitarists Jimmy Wilsey (The Avengers/Chris Isaak) and Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat/The Rockats) all contributed their considerable talents to the EP. Founding Miss Derringer members Morgan Slade (guitar) and Sylvain de Muizon (bass) join singer McGrath on all the tracks, and former Miss Derringer members Lightnin’ Bill Woodcock (guitar) and Cody James (drums) deliver indispensable contributions as well.

Always known for their unique ability to blend classic blues, country, rockabilly, pop, punk, goth and alternative influences, Miss Derringer’s sound was aptly described by one reviewer as “Johnny Cash meets Blondie.” And the band touches all the bases on The Shadow EP. From the desperate, gothic feel of the opening track, “Nobody To Come,” to the honky-tonk stomp of “Trainwreck Blues,” from “The Shadow,” inspired by the Shangri-Las and their producer Shadow Morton (who repeatedly threatened to work with the band only to then disappear), to the dark and eerie “Return of the Shadow” (with Cheetah Chrome as the voice of the Shadow), from their haunting cover of the classic “Unchained Melody” to their aggressive, super-charged version of the Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling,” the band doesn’t miss a beat!

Before taking a hiatus while lead singer McGrath and guitarist Slade had their first child, Miss Derringer released three full-length albums: King James, Crown Royal and a Colt 45, Lullabies and Winter Hill, as well as the Black Tears EP. Known for their distinct look, which reinforces the unique sound of the band, the group released five visually-compelling music videos (links below), including a pioneering 3-D video, from their three albums, and will be debuting their sixth video, for “Nobody to Come,” on Valentine’s Day in conjunction with the EP’s release.

Miss Derringer’s previous albums garnered airplay on KROQ and Indie 103 in Los Angeles, WFMU in New York and many other trend-setting stations across the country. The band has opened for acts like Blondie, Bad Religion, John Doe & Exene, The Reverend Horton Heat, Radio Birdman and IAMX and shared a nationwide tour with popular Blackheart Records’ artists Girl In A Coma. Lead singer Liz McGrath has been featured on the cover of LA Weekly, LA City Beat, Music Matters and the Coagula Art Journal as well as other publications, and the band has been praised by outlets like Pitchfork, All Music Guide and the LA Times.

The EP was produced by band members Morgan Slade and Sylvain de Muizon along with W.C. Moriarity, and will be the debut release by Wild Bill Records.

1) Nobody to Come (feat. Clem Burke & Frank Infante)
2) The Shadow
3) Unchained Melody (feat. Jimmy Wilsey)
4) Die, Die My Darling (feat. Derek O’Brien)
5) Trainwreck Blues (feat. Danny B. Harvey)
6) Return of the Shadow (feat. Cheetah Chrome)

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For requests, questions or more information, please contact:
W.C. Moriarity
Office: 323-874-7589
Mobile: 323-640-4249